“Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.”

With the Festive season chaos over and some free time up my sleeve, I finally had the chance to do some in-world shopping.  Other than worthwhile events, I really avoid ‘ in-world shopping’ and much prefer using marketplace.  My wireless interwebz chokes pretty hard when continually TP’ing from store to store in Second Life.  All I can say is I look forward to the day cable is installed in my area.  -.-  Following up from my last post, I managed to get my inventory count down to 18k which I was rather stoked about.  Lux (Jilsun) from The Gorean Brat and myself made a pact we would do a force inventory purge together and although it was painful, I’m so glad I did it!  I could have gone much lower than 18k, but wasn’t willing to part with my accessory folder which pretty much consisted of headpieces, face chains, all jewellery, wraps/scarves/cloaks and other armor or medieval style accessories.

One of the places I finally got around to checking out was Azlyn Vaher’s store, Yasum Designs and I had seen her awesome ‘Steampunk Baggies’ doing the rounds on a men’s and women’s blogs and really wanted to buy a pair for myself.  (I’m saving them for another post.)  For now, I really wanted to feature the dress she created named the ‘Cutie dress’.  The HUD system Yasum uses is the biz and I personally prefer HUD’s so much more than having several different colours of an outfit cluttering up my newly minimized inventory.  I hope other designers out there will follow this sweeping trend and move towards HUD systems for texturing their outfits and not just for the accessories they sell.

The rest of the items used on this post are not brand new, but rather some favourite recycled items that survived the ‘inventory purge’.

Finally, a reminder that in 13 days, The Fantasy Collective will be holding a non-themed mini round to cover the originally planned January hiatus.  A catalogue of previews will be announced on the The Fantasy Collective blog around 15th January so keep this link handy.


x Imo x







Hands SLink Mesh hands elegant S L&R (av enhance)
Feet SLink Mesh bare feet medium (av enhance)
Teeth PXL Open Mouth PRO teeth v2.0
Hair Exile Erase and Rewind
Horns 22769 Ram antlers bone/black pearls (modded)
Dress Yasum Cutie dress size 3
Pants Ison Moto leather pants brown
Staff Not for sale Imogen’s staff – mesh
Backpack Cellar Door Willow backpack
Headpiece Cellar Door Neviah crown
Thigh dagger Cellar Door Raven thigh dagger
Freckles Tilly Dark speckled freckles
Eyes Dead Apples Shattered eyes – Olive
Crossbow Eclipse Designs Dire crossbow holster R thigh (modded)
Sandals Enfant Terrible Wayfarer sandals black/gold small
Blush Fursten Donatella blush in nude



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4 thoughts on ““Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.”

  1. Wasn’t the best of ideas to clean my inventory. Already had to IM like 10 designers because I accidentally deleted their items D:

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